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My Hero Academia Song Parody: Let It Go
My will is spent in this tournament,
Dad watching from the stands.
Make it to the top, get the glory,
Is all that he commands.
Feeling torn in two like this binary inside.
I don’t want to win,
Not with my left side.
Crushing abuse,
All so I can fulfill my destiny.
Surpass All Might,
Heal dad’s ego…
Be a hero!
Let it go! Let it go!
Can’t deny the flames anymore.
Let it go! Let it go!
Feel them rising from my core.
I don’t care
What he thinks of me.
Let his judgement come.
Hot and Cold will sure be thrilling to see.
What Midoriya told me,
Should have been obvious.
Now if I can face my demons,
I’ll be victorious.
It’s time to see what I can do,
Test my quirk’s limits, see it through.
No holding back, no self-pity.
I’m free!
Let it go! Let it go!
I’m an avatar of flame.
Let it go! Let it go!
Winter winds will call my name.
I’m Shoto Todoroki.
Watch the temperature.
A thrilling chill runs up my arm and down my spin
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CMH: The Cone and Movement Master by Ghostpaint1 CMH: The Cone and Movement Master :iconghostpaint1:Ghostpaint1 0 0
DW Fanfic - Crossing at the Delta- Part 3(of 4)
please read the description
Time is like a body of water. When something causes a ripple in one, if the force is big enough, it can be felt in others. In the prime timeline, Donna Noble became the DoctorDonna, the most important woman in all creation, linked to the Doctor on a genetic level. While these events did not transpire in this alternate timeline, the impact of it still resonated all across creation. As the Doctor regenerated from his Shalka persona, he found himself suddenly in the body of a young woman with fiery red hair. Although the Doctor, now referred to as the NuTenth Doctor, could not quite place it, she still felt like she recognized the face. Whoever she looked like, she could say with confidence that she looked brilliant.
The NuTenth Doctor’s first adventure would be surviving the crash her own regeneration instigated. The Tardis slightly damaged by the event, the Doctor is forced to make an emergency landing in Victorian Scotland. The impact is felt fo
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My Hero Academia Song Parody: You're Welcome
Ok, ok, I see what’s going on.
First time meeting your idol, and it’s strange.
You’re stuttering and your palms sweat,
It means a lot!
It’s nice to know that fan clubs never change.
Please keep calm, there’s nothing to fear.
Yes, it’s really me, it’s All Might; I am here.
It surely can be quite the show,
Being saved by the top superhero.
What can I say except “You’re welcome”?
For making the crime rates drop.
Hey, it’s okay, it's okay,
You're welcome.
It’s just what you do when you’re at the top.
Who showed up straight from out of the sky,
To save you from that slime guy?
All Might!
When villains appear
Who takes them out in just one blow?
Do you really not know?
Oh, also I fix stray fault lines,
You’re welcome!
So you can get to school on time.
Also I stopped the Walking Sleaze.
You’re welcome!
I blew away his toxic breeze.
So what can I say except “You’re welcome”?
For det
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DW Fanfic - Crossing at the Delta- Part 2(of 4)
please read the description
Timelines that deviate so greatly rarely have converging points, but so is the case here. The Time War in either raged on regardless of the Doctor, and the Sisterhood of Karn had machinations completely independent of him. So like the Eighth Doctor of the proper timeline, the NuEighth Doctor is lured to Karn via a crashing spaceship. Upon failing to save the ship’s pilot, the Doctor is goaded into a guided regeneration by the Sisterhood, and becomes nearly identical to the prime timeline’s War Doctor, referred to here as merely the Warrior.
The first half of the Time War plays out about exactly as it does in the main universe. The Warrior commits unspeakable, monstrous acts, forsaking the name of the Doctor in the name of peace and sanity. What differs is when in the middle of the war, Romana, the Lord President of Gallifrey, falls victim to a bloody coup lead by Rassilon. Where Romana was assassinated outright in the main timeline, the Wa
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DW Fanfic - Crossing at the Delta- Part 1(of 4)
please read the description
The Sixth Doctor’s Tardis is assaulted by laser fire from the planet Lakertya, forcing a crash landing. The culprit is revealed to be the Rani. Thanks to assistance from his companion Mel, the Doctor is spared what may have been a fatal blow on the head during the crash, and the pair is instead merely knocked out. Boarding his Tardis, the Rani tells her monstrous servant to bring the man to her laboratory and leave the girl.
Once there, the Rani tells an awoken and restrained Doctor her plan, which is to use the combined minds of the Universe’s greatest geniuses to create a supercomputer that can aid her in her experiments. Loathe as she is to admit it, the Doctor is one of those geniuses. However, the Doctor gives her an advantage that she doesn’t have with Albert Einstein and the other pathetic male geniuses: Time Lords can change their genders. Using technology stolen from the Sisterhood of Karn, the Rani forces the Sixth Doctor t
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Doctor Who Parody: Time Lords Over All
There is no greater power than traversing space and time.
It’s the birthright of our species;
It’s yours and it is mine.
My friend, you know it’s true,
Look close and you will see:
If we control the outcome, we’re assured victory!
So if we join together,
Before us they will crawl.
Time Lords under us,
And Time Lords over all!
Time Lords over all,
No fate would be more just.
Time Lords over all.
We’ll rule because we must.
If foes put up resistance,
We’ll undo their existence!
Time Lords, Time Lords over all.
If we do what you suggest,
We’d be monstrous and vile.
Keep talking like that,
You’ll wind up in exile.
But if we join together,
Before us they will crawl.
Yes, Time Lords under us,
And Time Lords over all!
Time Lords over all,
No fate would be more just.
How can you call that just?
Time Lords over all.
We’ll rule because we must.
See reaso
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Pink Pearl/Healed Lion by Ghostpaint1 Pink Pearl/Healed Lion :iconghostpaint1:Ghostpaint1 17 5
Steven Universe Fanfic - Chapter 1.5
The Technician and the Tactician
Ruby was paralyzed by the scene unfolding before her. Her eyes bulged out of her head and her arms shook uncontrollably. What unnerved Steven the most, though, was that she wasn’t giving off any heat; she was as cold as a chalkboard.
“Ruby, what is it?” Steven pleaded, gesturing to the strange creatures spawning around them. Each one seemed to be an amalgam of two body parts, mostly arms and legs. There were pairs of hands connected at the wrist that could only flop in place. A leg from the knee down was connected to a whole arm, and it kicked wildly. There were a couple pairs of symmetrical arms, joined at the bicep, which could crawl in a way that was sickening to watch.
“These…” Ruby began before whacking a pair of hands like it was a game at Funland. The digits poofed, revealing two gem shards bound together through unknown means.
Steven began to speak but was cut off when Ruby yelped and threw the thing
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CMH: Movement Master by Ghostpaint1 CMH: Movement Master :iconghostpaint1:Ghostpaint1 1 0
One Piece Parody: I've Got a Dream
I am undead, crass, and scary,
To most people quite contrary,
Since my first crew’s lives were taken all too soon.
But I’d give up the seven seas,
And all the world’s panties,
If I could just talk to my friend Laboon.
Oh, how I worry ‘bout my little buddy.
Though now he’d be much bigger than he seemed.
Yes, heartfelt dreams can be fun,
And I’ve got a whale of one.
Cause way deep in my bones
I’ve got a dream.
Straw Hats:
We’ve all got dreams!
We’ve all got dreams!
See we’re not as blunt and shallow as we seem.
Though I’m all ribs, teeth, and femurs,
I’ve settled in with fellow dreamers.
Yes, this entire crew
Has got a dream!
I had no parents of my own;
One passed on and one left home.
And for all my talk I am quite cowardly.
But despite my orphan woes,
Chronic lying, and this nose,
I want to be a brave man of the sea!
Just picture brave and daring Captain Usopp,
With a fleet to make
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5x5 Adventure Time Alignment chart by Ghostpaint1 5x5 Adventure Time Alignment chart :iconghostpaint1:Ghostpaint1 14 25
Steven Universe Fanfic - Chapter 1.4
We Need To Talk About Peridot
Steven sat alone in his kitchen. He had been up most of the night pondering his situation, so he was too tired to make a satisfying breakfast. Two pieces of toast was hardly the stuff of legend. Steven had been able to make his own meals for a long time, but looking at it now made him long for the times when Pearl would offer to do it. She didn’t always understand human food, but that just made for more exciting combinations. And if it was ever inedible, Amethyst would gladly clean the plate. Looking around now, Steven saw the house was getting a little messy, and it made him sad.
The sound of the warp pad activating pulled Steven out of his daze. Ruby materialized and sat down across from Steven, head bowed.
“Uh, hey, Ruby,” Steven said. After another minute, during which time Steven rested his chin on his arms and eyed Ruby intently, she looked up.
“Steven, we need to have an important talk.” Steven sat up straight, m
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OC: The Artificer by Ghostpaint1 OC: The Artificer :iconghostpaint1:Ghostpaint1 3 0
Wicked Whispers
I’m not the scratching of a mouse.
I’m not the creaking of your house.
I’m not a coat upon the rack.
I’m not a shadow long and black.
I’m real and made of moistened flesh,
A color very few can guess.
My eyes, though, are the sickest blue.
They’re big and round and fixed on you.
From your sleep you wake just slightly.
Realize I have been here nightly.
Focusing, you see me nearly.
Little one, I see you clearly.
Tucked into your bed so snug,
Put there by a mother’s hug.
But mommy is in her bed dreaming.
Won’t likely hear her child screaming.
As you try to adjust your eyes,
Both our heartbeats start to rise.
Yours thanks to panic and dread,
Why mine does, best left unsaid.
From your closet’s darkest corners
I’ll turn mom and dad to mourners.
Baby sister won’t be next;
What’s under her bed craves her neck.
All exits you’re now promptly marking.
Somewhere outside a dog is barking.
Your forehead drenched in arcti
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CMH: Troll Hunter and Cariboy by Ghostpaint1 CMH: Troll Hunter and Cariboy :iconghostpaint1:Ghostpaint1 1 0


Ben 10 by JF14-DV Ben 10 :iconjf14-dv:JF14-DV 111 18 Ghost creatures by JF14-DV Ghost creatures :iconjf14-dv:JF14-DV 32 2 Yellow Diamond's Grief by Zipfelzeus Yellow Diamond's Grief :iconzipfelzeus:Zipfelzeus 55 2 Dreams ( Chapter 1 - Cover Page ) by Aaron-Goforth Dreams ( Chapter 1 - Cover Page ) :iconaaron-goforth:Aaron-Goforth 49 16 Rainbow Moonstone ( Lapis Lazuli/Pearl ) by Aaron-Goforth Rainbow Moonstone ( Lapis Lazuli/Pearl ) :iconaaron-goforth:Aaron-Goforth 106 16 Lavender Quartz ( Lapis Lazuli/Steven Universe ) by Aaron-Goforth Lavender Quartz ( Lapis Lazuli/Steven Universe ) :iconaaron-goforth:Aaron-Goforth 66 0 Emotional by Aaron-Goforth Emotional :iconaaron-goforth:Aaron-Goforth 43 8 Witch Rock 11 by everage Witch Rock 11 :iconeverage:everage 153 6 Grove Returns 6 by everage Grove Returns 6 :iconeverage:everage 53 1 Magic Things 10 by everage Magic Things 10 :iconeverage:everage 31 0 GORETOBER 13: Extra Limbs by KitsuneZakuro GORETOBER 13: Extra Limbs :iconkitsunezakuro:KitsuneZakuro 674 16 AU Steven Universe by AngeliccMadness AU Steven Universe :iconangeliccmadness:AngeliccMadness 425 26 Antler Things 5 by everage Antler Things 5 :iconeverage:everage 15 0 Antler Things 14 by everage Antler Things 14 :iconeverage:everage 10 0 Antler Things 2 by everage Antler Things 2 :iconeverage:everage 13 0 Red Glaive 13 by everage Red Glaive 13 :iconeverage:everage 16 0


The only valid argument I’ve ever seen against a female Doctor is that young boys have so few male role models in fiction who genuinely try to solve problems with compassion and intellect rather than force or violence. Is it a perfect argument? No. It doesn’t even solidify the view that the Doctor shouldn’t be a woman in my eyes. But it’s a valid concern nonetheless.


I still couldn’t be more thrilled with this decision. Ultimately I think it will do more good than harm in the long run. And it’s something different, which the show really needs. I’m not familiar in the slightest with Jodie Whittaker as an actress, but it’s my understanding she’s done a fair bit of both comedic and dark roles; a good range for the Doctor. Plus she’s classically trained, and her words upon being announced really left me feeling like Tardis is in good hands:

“I’m beyond excited to begin this epic journey, with Chris and with every Whovian on this planet. It’s more than an honor to play the Doctor. It means remembering everyone I used to be, while stepping forward to embrace everything the Doctor stands for: hope. I can’t wait.”

She gets it, she really gets it, folks. I’m still really hesitant about the new head writer...but Jodie, all I can say is welcome aboard. A lot of us have been waiting for you for a very long time.

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