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At first I was broken, helpless to my fate.
Kept thinking I could never function in this sorry state.
But then it occurred to me that it was you who would live on,
It just felt wrong, so I vowed that I’d stay strong.

So now I’m back, minus a face,
But still a top contender for the lord of time and space.
I would let you have your lives,
Each and every new body
If I thought for just one second you deserved them more than me.

So here we are,
My time has come,
Stranded at the end of my final regeneration.
Worn and decrepit, this old body’s fading fast.
Soon I’ll seize Traken,
And a new body at last!

Was a nice try, but I survived,
And now that my scarred body’s healed I’ve never felt more alive.
I’ve got much more life to live,
And a new mandate to give:
That I’ll survive.
I will survive,
I will survive!

Only my hate kept me alive. I almost fell apart,
But after so long I have found myself a brand-new start.
I’ve spent far too much time away from those who’d call me king,
But soon they’ll find
That all their tiny lives are mine!

Oh, come now, please, this isn’t new.
I’m not that weak, pathetic person that was friends with you.
So now you try to put an end to what’s my most malicious spree,
But Cheetah People and the Daleks couldn’t exterminate me.

Go on now, go, to Gallifrey!
While I make plans to abscond with your latest body.
Weren’t you the one who let your Tardis eat me whole?
Did you think that was it? That you crushed my wicked soul?

Oh, now that’s droll. I’m on a roll!
Like a phoenix I will rise while the Time War takes its toll.
Like your sins you can’t forgive,
All of our people I’ll outlive,
And I’ll survive…

Go on now, go, Universe end.
And you sense something,
But the fact remains hidden.
You should have kept me from that watch so old and worn.
I hear the drumbeat…
The Master is reborn!

Behold, it’s I! Yes, I survived,
By running from the battlefield
And taking a fool’s guise.
I’ve got many plots to make,
While I condemn you to your fate.
Fresh and alive,
My turn to thrive!
I will survive!

My elaborate, genius plan may’ve fallen apart,
But I know I’ve won as I watch you hear my stopping hearts.
After that you spent so long Last of the Time Lords once again,
Oh how you cried…
But once again I’ve been revived!
And you see me, warned by the Ood,
Herald to the End of Time, with the Master race my brood.
You expose my persecutors and assume I’ll turn friendly,
But I’m just saving all my fury for the ones who ruined me.

Go on now, go, saunter away,
Completely unaware to the fate of Gallifrey.
If you won’t permit me as the Master of Earth, then
I guess I’ll settle for the Mistress of Heaven!

Now say amen! We’re here again?
Thinking I’ve expired while I whine that I just miss my friend?
I’ve got aces up my sleeve,
So for now I’ll take my leave.
But I will survive,
DW Parody: The Master Will Survive
Phew! This is one I've been sitting on for a while. I kind of lost traction because I realized that, with half this song being about Classic Who, probably less than half of you would respond to it. But after the recent Series 8 finale, I realized I wasn't meant to finish this a long time ago; I was still waiting for the last piece of the puzzle(that's a SPOILER warning, everybody). 

The Master has always been a survivor; too vain to die. Total domination, torturing the Doctor, and survival are the three pillars on which the dark child of Gallifrey stands. If you don't know the Master's history prior to his arrival in the modern show I seriously recommend you look into it, either by finding his episodes online or, if strapped for time, reading his Tardis Data Core page , as it is a long, twisted tale of devilry and veracious tenacity for life(not to mention it will help you understand the song better x3). I thought the 51st Anniversary of Doctor Who would be the perfect time to post a tribute to the life and times of Doctor Who's greatest villain! 

As always, I love feedback(even the negative stuff; no way I can grow if I don't know what I'm doing wrong) and questions, whether they're about the writing process, or an aspect of the show or just about me. So let me have it all!

link As per usual, I recommend putting the original on in the background as you sing this to yourself. Put yourself in the moment.

Header image by Hisi79
link <-Really quick plug for my latest Whovian Netter article. It is an analysis of Clara's relationship with the Tardis. Check it out!

Now, onto business! For the longest time now I've had an idea for a Doctor Who webcomic that I feel I just have to have made. As you may have been able to gather, I need an artist to help bring my vision to life. So I offer to you prospective artists a few details on the project.

Without giving away too much of the plot(that comes after you take the job!), my idea revolves around the 50th anniversary special, and would be roughly ten pages in length. I'd like it to be done in the style of "Fade Away" by the fantastic Paul Hanley and Shawn Van Briesen, seen here: link , which I highly encourage you to check out just because it's a phenomenal piece. 

I would provide a script for you to work off of as well as notes and direction on a page by page basis. Mr. Hanley and Mr. Briesen are both seasoned professionals, so I obviously don't expect quite the same level, unless you can confidently say you're on that level, but I am looking for something a little nicer than stick figures, y'know? 

I'm also not going to be super picky about your finished product because, and here's the rub, I am not currently in a position where I could pay to have this completed. Now here me out! I understand many artists need to live off the work they do, so I wouldn't be offended if you simply can't afford to take up this project. I admit upfront that I'm looking for someone who would be willing to do this for the experience and publicity. In addition to that, however, I would absolutely give my artist equal credit when the finished comic is posted. If we end up working together I would be of the mindset that this is your project as much as it is mine, and I'd respect your creative input accordingly. I would also post it adamantly to any Doctor Who related group I could, both on deviantART and elsewhere, and give the artist free reign to do the same as long as they offer me the same courtesies when doing so. 

So there you have it. It's not the most appealing job in the world, I know, but I'll say this: I really think I have a winner with this idea. If you want to be a part of bringing that to life, or know someone you think would be interested, please message me for details! I look forward to working with you, see you in the future :)
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