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If you’re not the Doctor when you go,
Then there’s no burst, no golden glow.
Into that good night you gently go,
And the past is what remains.

But would you do it if you could,
Regenerate like the Doctor would?
Would you question if you should?
Would you change or stay the same?

We all have a choice to make when we’re trapped in death’s glance,
Whether we can go in peace or if we want a second chance.
So tell me now, would you go or would you stay?
Would you Regenerate Away?

Would you Regenerate Away
All of the crying and the pain?
Denying death on your last day?
What would you do?
Explode with the light of a million stars?
Gain some time but lose the scars?
Would you still be who you are?
Or would you become something new?

Can’t say it’s all the same to me,
New man, new face with my memories.
What sort of person would I be?

Would I be blonde? Or eat fondue?
Would I be left handed? Would I still love you?
Would I know just what to do, when it really counted?

Time is up, light’s fading fast.
No, this can’t be it! Am I the last?
And the first,
And the only me?

Well that’s not fair, there’s too much to do,
Places to see, people to whom
I still have some things left to say,
Could I Regenerate Away?

Would you Regenerate Away?
Fight back the end to run a few more days?
Or let the Reaper have his way?
Where do you stand?
Burn with the light of the brightest flame?
Hope and pray for a better change?
Or just give in, yourself remain?
Could you say it went as planned?

You only get one life, you only go so far.
First and only you, so raise the bar!
Just do that and you’ll go far,
I swear you won’t fall.

Regenerate without the death,
Expand your soul with every breath,
‘Till a better you is all that’s left.
Until you don’t need to change at all.

Let in love, let go of hate,
Pretty soon you’ll change your state.
Do it like you’ve got two hearts anyway.

Go kiss that girl, take that class.
Do all you can, don’t miss your chance.
Embrace Adventure and Romance.
Make sure you can smile on your last day.

Learn these tricks, and learn them well,
You’ll make a heaven out of hell.
Accept the pieces where they fell,
And it’s like you can’t lose.

Give yourself a Rose-colored view.
Love life, yourself and Doctor Who.
Don’t let regret be your final word,
Cause regeneration, now that is just absurd.
Regenerate Away
If who you are ever gets frustrating you can always get regenerating...

From the moment I started loving Doctor Who I loved the concept of regeneration; it's just so utterly fascinating to me. You get a whole new physical appearance at random, and at your core you're the same person, all your deepest beliefs and values are still there, but your quirks and personality traits are different. It's like the outer crust of your very being is shaved off and replaced with a new one. Tried shepherd's pie once and decided it's not for you? Now you can't get enough of the stuff! Used to play guitar every day? You still can, but you choose not to. Favorite colors used to be Blue and Orange? Now they're purple and yellow! You're a completely new person, but you're still you. I just think that's really neat.

I came up with this song over two years ago and have been tweaking it ever since. I never originally wanted to post it, since it's a song, not a poem, but I lack the vocal or musical talent to bring it to life =P But something yesterday just screamed for me to post it. Maybe it's because for a minute I wished I could regenerate. **FUN FACT** If I ever encounter a wish-granting Genie, I have an ever-evolving list of what my three wishes would be(as I think everyone should have =P) and one of them is definitely my own regeneration cycle. 

If can ever figure out auto-tune I may sing this one day after all...

Well I didn't think it could be done, but you lovely people have further inflated my massive ego. I think it's fair that when I released Do It For Her, it blew up a little. At the time of writing this a whomping 235 people have favourited it, and over 3000 people have viewed it. And a lot of that happened within a week of me posting it. Needless to say I feel pretty good about that. Looking back I find it kinda funny that I had this basically finished for a while but prioritized other stuff over it, since it was just a parody of a show song, and it kept getting further and further away from when 'Sworn to the Sword' aired, so I thought people wouldn't care that much. Boy was I wrong!

I'm getting off track. The reason I'm making this journal post is because I like to send everyone a thank you when they give me a favourite or a like, but that's a lot easier to do when maybe a few people favourite me in a week. With 'Do It For Her' it literally got so out of hand I just couldn't keep up anymore. So if you gave me a favourite in the last month and didn't receive a thank you from me, I'd just like to say thank you so much. I am so appreciative of it, and I'm so glad people like what I do. We're all here because we like art, and a lot of us are trying to get ours out there. I hope you all find equal success in doing so. 

NOW. Shameless plug time. If you're seeing this and you liked some of my Steven Universe content recently, I've actually produced a fair amount of it by now, which can be seen HERE. I've also got some more on the way. I have another completed song which will be released...soonishitscomplicatedimworkingonit. In case it might interest you, I'll give you a hint and say it'll be a power metal song. I'm also in the process of trying to get talented people to do covers of my parodies, and I'm even dabbling into the world of fanfiction. Stay tuned for more on that. Oh, and I also have other fandom parodies and original prose and poetry if you'd like to check those out as well. 

WHICH REMINDS ME! If you enjoy singing and enjoy my parodies and sometimes sing stuff on the internet, you are more than welcome to cover my stuff! All I ask is that you credit me as the writer(include a link back to my page perhaps) and maybe give me a heads up that you did it, just so I can get all excited about it and promote you back as quickly as possible! I've seen some phenomenally talented people and I'd love to work with you. 
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